Sign Up Hinge | Free Dating Site

Sign Up Hinge | Free Dating Site

Hinge is a dating site for people who want something more than just a superficial connection in life, something more meaningful and wish to connect with others with the same mind. The app used Facebook friends to link connections to users.

Hinge gives you this freedom to find love for yourself, to your taste and to your fantasies or desires. If you are looking for love, Hinge is the best place to go to. It gives you options and access to all kinds of people.

Features of Hinge Dating

This information will guide you on the features and nature of the Hinge App and how it works. This will guide you in your registration process.

  • You will match yourself with whomever like and wait for response.
  • Get connected with more than 10 persons within a minute
  • Plan your date and hook up
  • Chat non-stop for free and share your files also for free.
  • Register hinge dating account and download app for free.
  • Have you been in search of where to find genuine love and happiness, go now to
  • Share every moment with people who genuinely love you.
  • Also on hinge login app, you will enjoy free expression
  • No much charges, register for free.
  • Do not miss out in any discussions using hinge android app.
  • The hinge app is mobile phone friendly.
  • No adverts and redirect links.
  • Share data and large files for free

Hinge Dating Registration

Like we said above, hinge works with Facebook Friends to facilitate a Facebook connection, if you own a Facebook account, then you are one step away from being on Hinge, however this is the simplest way to connects:

  • Open your browser and login online to download Hinge for iOS and Android
  • Install the app for free, agree on the apps terms of use
  • Tap open the app and tap on sign up
  • Tap again on sign up with Facebook
  • You may have to enter your Facebook login details
  • Wait to connect now.
  • Get Registered with your Mobile Number
  • Go to google play store or iOS to first download hinge app for free
  • Install app and launch app
  • Tap-open and tap on sign up
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Enter your name, email address and other details required
  • Tap on sign up and wait for the account to create.
  • You have registered the account so go on to match.
  • Connect on Hinge through Website
  • Go to
  • Enter your mobile phone number and then tap or click on send download link
  • Follow the prompts to download app, install and register to start using.

How To Log In on Hinge

This are the steps you need to follow to successfully log in your Hinge users account. If you have created an account, then do the following;

  • Login to hinge using your Facebook account
  • Stay connected on using your hinge dating mobile app
  • Use hinge online for free.


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