Deactivate your Zoom Account on Android

Deactivate your Zoom Account on Android

Deactivate your Zoom Account on Android-Welcome! Are you looking for a suitable means to deactivate your Zoom Account? If yes, the we have done a careful research on how you can delete your Zoom account without stress.

We would like you first of all let you in on what a Zoom Account is all about. Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others users while conducting live chats and it lets you record those sessions to view later. This virtual meeting could be either by video or audio-only or both.

Meanwhile, There are so many request as it regards how to deactivate Zoom account on our mailbox and we decided to respond to that request on how you can successfully deactivate Zoom account and to that effect we have made research on the topic. Deactivating your Zoom Account could have some aftereffects and it is important that you know.

Aftereffects of Deactivating Zoom Account

You are free to deactivate your Zoom Account profile whenever you wish but this action could have the following Effects.

  • You cannot create a call invite or receive a Zoom call invite.
  • No more Conference video calls.
  • If a virtual video teaching is to take place in Zoom, you cannot partake in such line teaching since you have breached your access
  • On the other hand, all the free international calls you have been enjoying in Zoom will stop as soon as you delete the account.
  • Even if you try to sign in with the email, you won’t work again.


Now that you are aware of the effects of Deactivating your Zoom profile, we can move to the Deactivation.

How to Deactivate Zoom Account

Following the steps below will guide you on how you can successfully deactivate your Zoom Account in a very easy way and in a short time too.

  • Open Zoom general webpage at
  • Scroll to the footer section of the page. You can also call it the navigation menu located at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Click on Account
  • Login the Zoom Account.
  • Click on Account Management
  • Choose the Terminate Account.
  • Hit the Yes button to confirm that you want to terminate the account

You will be redirected to the homepage with the message of successful termination.


I believe that this article has helped you solve your problem in the easiest possible way. you can get more information on how to solve more of your problems by visiting this website for more and regular update.

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