Apply for Bank Statement for Visa Application

Apply for Bank Statement for Visa Application

Apply for Bank Statement for Visa Application- Bank statement is one amongst the many needed documents for a visa application. Applying for a visa requires some criteria which we will be exposing to you on this page. For some countries like UK would require that you forward your bank statements alongside other supporting documents. We will be listing those other documents to you here, however, if you are applying for a Schengen via, you will need to find out all that you need to bring together with your bank statements.

Traveling abroad has always proved a bit difficult and hectic. To travel abroad it requires a lot of documents that you will use to prove your originality and authenticity. Despite being able to take care of yourself abroad, most countries like UK, U.S.A, Europe, will like to be sure you don’t become a liability right there in the country, so a lot of documents with you will be checked.

A bank statement is a detailed information of your bank transaction, it shows dates of your deposits and withdrawals. For some banks, it also contains contents like the time for each transaction and the persons bio data.

How to Apply for Bank Statement for Visa Application

Go through this information carefully so as to not what you only important in a statement for your visa application

  • The full movement of money in and out from your account
  • Bank details within the period of 6 months and more is acceptable
  • The bank statement of account should be collected or issued by a bank
  • The full name of the applicants as it appears on the visa form must be shown on the statements.
  • The original coy of the statement can be printed in an A4 paper.
  • The bank account statement of the applicant should reveal full account history for at least three months before the application
  • Other bank statements should also reveal a little bio of the applicants so as to prove the authenticity of the statements
  • For some visa application, you may be asked to forward your statement together with your salary slip or indication of pension.

Supporting Documents

Here are the thing that may be required of you to attach to your bank statement

Affidavit of Support: This is an affidavit to proof support of the applicant. An individual can only present this if he or she doesn’t have a bank account or doesn’t he enough money to poof his financial capacity. He can sign an affidavit of support and what this implies is that the third party who he or she is visiting can stand for him or her to fill up that gap

  • Birth Certificate.
  • International passport
  • A recent passport photograph

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