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42 Dugg can be seen smiling while speaking with his family on a phone from jail in a new picture circulating online of the rapper. Dugg was arrested, earlier this month, for failing to surrender after being sentenced to six months in prison for gun-related charges.

Dugg had been scheduled to appear at a West Virginia prison facility in April but never turned himself in. Prosecutors say they had been searching for the rapper from then onward.

42 Dugg, Jail
Shareif Ziyadat / Getty Images

During a recent court hearing, the prosecution argued that Dugg is a flight risk.

“When he was arrested he had $25,000 in cash and more than $100,000 in jewelry,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Barbara Lanning said in court. “He’s claimed more than $11 million worth of assets. He has access to a private plane with a pilot willing to fly an unnumbered flight where Mr. Hayes is not included on the flight’s manifest. That’s not an accident. That’s not a happenstance.”

Dugg’s court-appointed lawyer, Casey Swanson, recently told the Detroit News that his client did not intend to flee and mistakenly thought that by appealing the sentencing, he did not have to appear at the prison facility.

“Mr. Hayes did not flee,” she said. “He did not intentionally avoid a sentence in this case.”

Check out the new photo of 42 Dugg below.

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